“Essential Documents to Check When Buying a Flat in Punjab”

Check When Buying a Flat in Punjab:-

When buying a flat in Punjab, it’s essential to have the right documents in place to avoid legal issues later on. Here are some documents to look for:

  1. Sale Deed: This document proves ownership of the property and includes details of the seller and buyer.
  2. Title Deed: It confirms that the property is free from any legal disputes and encumbrances.
  3. Approved Layout Plan: It’s a blueprint of the building and helps in understanding the layout of the flat.
  4. Occupancy Certificate: This certifies that the building is safe for occupancy and complies with all regulations.
  5. Completion Certificate: It indicates that the construction is complete and meets all the necessary standards.
  6. Property Tax Receipts: It shows that the previous owner has paid all taxes and dues related to the property.
  7. NOC from the Society: It confirms that the society has approved the transfer of ownership.
  8. Encumbrance Certificate: It verifies that the property is free from any financial liabilities or legal issues.

By ensuring Documents to Check When Buying a Flat in Punjab, you can make a safe and hassle-free purchase of your dream flat in Punjab.

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